“Wait” Loss Products – Winter 2018

Posted on January 9, 2018

It’s hard to find help nowadays, which makes it even more important for your team to be as efficient and productive as possible. The key is finding products that can help you to optimize tasks, speed up jobs and minimize downtime. With the right tool or part, workers can finish projects faster and better, and that’s good for your bottom line. Here are just a few.

Wireless AC Smoke Alarm From KiddieExpand An Interconnected Smoke Alarm System Without Extra Wiring!

Wireless AC Powered Smoke Alarm From Kidde

  •  When one alarm sounds they all do
  •  Interconnect without wires – simply replace one interconnected smoke alarm with the Kidde Wireless AC powered alarm
  • Install in minutes, anywhere in the home
  •  Less cost and less hassle than re-wiring

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Spliceline In-Line Wire Connectors From IdealFaster, Better Butt Splicing

SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connectors From Ideal

  • Crimp-free, push-in butt splice
  • 2X faster than traditional butt-splice installations
  • Low insertion force for fast connections
  • Easily passes through 1/2″ knockouts
  • End-to-end connection ideal for pre-fab operations
  • Transparent polycarbonate window for visual inspection of connection

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880MP Modulink Multi-Service Rectangular Floor Box From WiremoldQuickly Turn A One-Gang Floor Box Into A Two- or Three-Gang Box!

880MP Modulink Multi-Service Rectangular Floor Box From Wiremold

  • Multi-service capability eliminates the cost of a separate floor box and cover to accommodate communication service
  • Depth markings on exterior of the box make floor box depth calculations quick and easy
  • 2″ [51mm] conduit openings provide the largest conduit feed in the industry
  • Ratchet adjusting ring allows connection of cover flange without glue or mechanical fasteners

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Kwik-Couple® GRC From Allied Tube & ConduitConnects In 1/2 The Time

Kwik-Couple® GRC From Allied Tube & Conduit

  • No separate couplings to purchase, store, carry or install
  • High-grade durable and ductile steel for long life
  • Corrosion-resistant exterior and interior finishes
  • UL listed and manufactured in accordance with ANSI standards

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TaskMaster® From IlscoCut, Crimp & Punch: One Tool Does It All!

TaskMaster® From Ilsco

  • Eliminate the need for multiple tools to achieve a variety of tasks
  • Works with a large range of connectors
  • Durable high-strength cutting blades
  • Precision knockouts provide clean, quick holes
  • Allows access to tighter spaces
  • Versatile and easy tool alignment
  • Prolonged use without recharging
  • Rugged tool construction for longer life

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Check out these products and more in our online “Wait” Loss product guide at www.dsgwaitloss.com.