The Power Of We … In The Panel Shop

Posted on May 16, 2016

DSG Automation TrailerDSG’s Power Of We philosophy is something that many customers have experienced; they just might not have known that it has a name. This companywide ideology is about making sure that interactions with customers are meaningful encounters, rather than simply sales transactions. It’s about DSG employee owners going above and beyond when working with customers to help their businesses PowerofWe-websucceed. To see this philosophy in action, look no further than DSG’s Panel Shop. While this department may be one of the company’s best-kept secrets, the team’s commitment to The Power Of We is clear for everyone to see.

The DSG Panel Shop is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but it serves all of DSG country. For more than 50 years, the Panel Shop has been building custom control panels and automated solutions for a wide range of industries. It’s classified with a UL508A and UL698 rating.

When they’re not busy building custom panels, the team is living and breathing The Power Of We. Inside Of DSG Automation Trailer“We like to think of ourselves as a tool in our customers’ toolboxes,” says John DeYonge, who has worked at DSG since 2007. “Like a drill or a hammer, we are here whenever they need us, and our purpose is to help them get their projects done successfully.”

In order to help DSG projects succeed, the Panel Shop team works closely with both customers and end users (often in an industrial, water, wastewater, manufacturing or agricultural setting), meeting with them onsite to identify the scope of work and gain a thorough understanding of the application of their work. “It’s a unique situation,” says DeYonge, “where we work with our customers’ customers. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of the experience for everyone involved.”

The Panel Shop also offers “drive startups” to its customers, in which the DSG drives startup expert goes out and certifies a drive in its application in order to add to the factory warranty of a product. Customer training and education are two more of the Panel Shop’s specialties. “Our drive training allows both customers and users to get comfortable with the equipment,” says DeYonge. “We’re not only providing a product but a comfort factor as well.”

Finally, the Panel Shop has its own automation trailer, packed with products that customers can see up close. “It’s a great way to provide examples of the solutions we can implement,” says DeYonge. “It really helps to get the creative juices flowing.” While the Panel Shop works daily with electricity, it is The Power Of We that truly energizes this team’s results.