smart-phone-animated-transparentnew1OSHA requires businesses and organizations to conduct safety meetings on a regular basis and to record the attendance. After all, a strong safety culture is not only important to the well being of your crew, but also to the health of your business. Thankfully, conducting these meetings is a lot easier with The Safety Meeting app, brought to you by DSG. It’s an easy-to-use online tool that makes conducting regularly scheduled safety meetings simple and helps to reduce accidents, damaging lawsuits and OSHA fines. With the Safety Meeting app, all of the hassle of preparing for and conducting a safety meeting is taken care of for you. You simply choose your safety topic, follow the outline and record who was present.

The Safety Meeting app is available with two different pricing options, and each one allows for an unlimited number of users:

  • $89.95 per year
  • $179.95 for three years (buy two years and get one year free!)


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Features & Benefits

  • SafetyMeetingiconArchive your meeting within the Safety Meeting app cloud for instant retrieval in case of an OSHA audit.
  • Track incidents and accidents, as well as record disciplinary actions with digital signatures in order to help you prepare your OSHA 300 logs.
  • Utilize more than 950 safety meeting topics, with a variety that everyone can appreciate.
  • Save time by accessing your safety meeting materials and records from almost anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


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