Predicting Your Future

Posted on January 1, 2013
Tom Rosendahl
Tom Rosendahl, DSG President

Well there it is. We all made it through December 2012, and it looks like those know-it-all Mayans had it wrong. We’re still here, and it’s business as usual.

So why do humans insist on trying to tell the future? Why do we spend each day predicting days to come? I suppose it’s because uncertainty is uncomfortable. We would have a lot less stress if we could just plan out our lives from the day we are born. The same goes for our careers and our businesses. Decisions would be so much easier if we could tell what the future holds.

Unfortunately, without a DeLorean time machine or a good, clear crystal ball, we’re stuck here in 2013. But take heart! You don’t need to see the future to be ready for it. In fact, that’s one of our specialties here at DSG. We put a lot of energy into getting our customers – our business partners – ready to succeed, no matter what tomorrow holds.

For example, if you attend one of our P4 Learning Labs, you’ll learn how to configure your company to be ready for the ups and downs of business. You’ll learn how to analyze your team and their billing potential to more accurately set your budgets and project your profits. Take a day and attend one of our Power Tools workshops and hear one of the nation’s most experienced small business consultants describe the best ways to avoid 10 common small business mistakes. Take advantage of our various product training opportunities throughout the year and learn about the hottest new – and upcoming – products, along with how to best use them to build your business.

Talk about futuristic! When you’re prepared for the future, you can actually look forward to it. So maybe the Mayans weren’t completely wrong. After all, they predicted that 2013 would hold some major changes for the earth. Maybe those changes will come in the business world instead. Maybe 2013 is the year that your company takes the next step in growth and profitability.

That part of the future is up to you.