Looking Good Is Good For Business

Posted on January 3, 2018

Uniforms might provide just the boost your company is looking for.

Man in uniform

There are a lot of regulations in the trade industries. Every day, electricians, plumbers and HVAC/R technicians follow enough federal, state and local building codes to fill a bookshelf. Yet, with all of this consistency in the trades, there are significant disparities in how tradespeople present themselves. Call three plumbers, and you will likely see completely different looks. One company might have branded uniforms, a second might simply require T-shirts with the company logo and a third may let its techs wear whatever they like (usually resulting in an old T-shirt and jeans).

If one were to look at the differences in the companies and how they match up to their clothing choices, you would likely find that larger businesses tend to require uniforms. However, cause or effect is harder to determine: Do companies graduate to uniforms once they become successful? Or do uniforms help companies to succeed?

A good number of experts believe the latter. Here are some of the reasons that more and more contractors are opting for uniforms – no matter how small of a company they are.

Uniforms Will Strengthen Your Brand
Having shirts with your logo on them helps the public remember your name. In addition, having a team that looks professional makes your company look professional, which is what all of us want.

Uniforms Can Strengthen Your Bottom Line
If you look like the best electrician in town, it will help you to charge like the best electrician in town. You need to be trustworthy and earn those dollars, of course, but the perceived value of professionalism cannot be denied.

Uniforms Result In Less Employee Conflict
Nobody wants to send a worker home to change, but an offensive T-shirt or inappropriately ripped jeans might force just that kind of response. With uniforms, everybody dresses the same. No favoritism and no excuses mean fewer uncomfortable conversations about fashion choices.

Uniforms Can Improve Safety
Not only can good uniforms reduce accidents by staying out of the way as techs work (unlike overly baggy pants or a long T-shirt), consistent dress helps your team to quickly identify non-crew members if they wander onto the job site. These might be inattentive pedestrians who need to be rerouted or even would-be thieves planning to walk off with your power tools.

Uniforms Will Encourage Teamwork
Well-made uniforms can foster a sense of camaraderie among your crew members. By dressing the same, workers feel more accepted into the group, developing a feeling of pride in their workplace team.

Dress For Success
Uniforms are not free, but they may not be as expensive as you think. While some contractors provide uniforms for their employees, others pay for half of the uniforms while the employee pays the rest. Not only does this reduce costs for employers, it inspires techs to take care of their own property. There are even companies that rent uniforms, and some that go so far as to provide laundering services as well (your location and company size will likely determine availability).

It may take some getting used to, but the benefits of a uniform policy are clear for most contractors. Dressing up a little can make a big difference in your bottom line.