I Didn’t Know DSG Did That: Pump Shop Subfactory

Posted on February 2, 2017

DSG does more than supply products. We also offer services and expertise that may not be as visible as our warehouses or our trucks. Here is one of our capabilities that might surprise you.

There’s nothing worse than completing a project only to find out that some part of it is malfunctioning. When it comes to waterworks, that can cost you a lot of time and labor. DSG’s Pump Shop Subfactory takes the uncertainty out of the equation, adding confidence into each and every pump it sells.

The Pump Shop has been around since 1983. Pictured (left to right) are Mike Schwebach, Pump Shop manager, and Pat Bangasser, inside salesman for DSG’s waterworks segment.

The DSG Pump Shop builds, tests, repairs and provides maintenance for pumps for all kinds of water systems. Starting with either factory-built pumps, or pumps that it has custom-built, DSG installs the right motor for the pump’s particular job. Then, using a unique 16-foot underground water tank, DSG tests each pump to make sure it performs as it should – before it goes into the ground. “We can recreate the same conditions that the pumps will be used in, including depth, flow condition and head pressure, in our testing tank,” says Malcolm Macdonald, DSG’s waterworks segment manager. “When you get a pump from us, we’ve proven that it works properly.”

In addition to its turnkey building and testing capabilities, the Pump Shop has a wide variety of inventory, including some of the most trusted names in pumps, such as Grundfos. “Our ability to keep a good stock of pumps and components on hand speeds things up for everyone,” says Macdonald. “Our customers are able to be more responsive to the needs of water users, especially when it comes to emergency situations. No one wants to be out of water. Many times we have the pumps and parts on hand to keep water flowing, even if it is a temporary fix until a permanent solution can be installed.”

Headed up by Mike Schwebach (DSG’s pump expert for more than 25 years), the Pump Shop is located in Sioux Falls, SD. However, customers from anywhere in DSG’s service territory can take advantage of its services. For questions about DSG’s Pump Shop, contact your local DSG waterworks representative.