I Didn’t Know DSG Did That: 3-D Lighting Design

Posted on January 10, 2017

DSG does more than supply products. We also offer services and expertise that may not be as visible as our warehouses or our trucks. Here is one of our capabilities that might surprise you.

3-D computer renderings like the one pictured here and those below allow DSG Corporate Lighting Solutions Specialist, Aaron Keil, to utilize his engineering expertise to simulate real-life lighting environments.

For many people, it’s hard to visualize an idea or concept without actually seeing it. When it comes to lighting, it can be especially hard to know how fixtures will illuminate an environment. Thankfully, DSG’s 3-D lighting design capabilities help contractors, architects, engineers and building owners clearly see a lighting layout – and how it will interact with the space that houses it – before it is ever installed.

DSG’s 3-D lighting designs are highly accurate renderings that show how light will act in certain rooms or buildings, taking into account objects, reflectances, color, etc. The renderings come with documentation that includes a number of unique assessments, such as lighting levels, point-by- point calculations (how much light is received at a particular point in the space) and lighting power density (LPD), a compliance measure that confirms whether or not a project meets the watts per square foot regulation set forth by the federal government. For exterior projects, these designs can also include light trespass calculations (how much light spills onto a neighboring property).

“One of the biggest benefits of these 3-D lighting designs is that they allow customers to see exactly how the light will behave,” says Aaron Keil, DSG’s corporate lighting solutions specialist. “Customers are then able to make adjustments before any products are purchased or installed. I’ve provided renderings where customers were surprised to see how different the lighting looked compared to what they imagined in their heads. They were grateful they got the chance to change it before putting too much work into it.”

Keil, who works out of DSG’s La Crosse, WI, branch, has been providing 3-D lighting services to local customers for about three years, and now DSG is ready to offer it all across DSG country. Keil has a degree in architectural engineering, which provides a unique and valuable perspective when it comes to this type of service. In fact, he is often the first person to get involved on a customer’s lighting project. “Most people with my degree work for an engineering firm or an architect,” says Keil. “But I also used to work for a large contractor in the Twin Cities before coming to DSG. With my background, I know what lighting options benefit our customers best so I can make good suggestions. And when they explain their lighting challenges, I understand what they’re talking about.”

DSG’s 3-D lighting designs can be used for both new construction and retrofit projects, adding lighting to existing spaces. Time frame and other considerations are determined on a project-by- project basis. To learn more, contact your local DSG electrical representative.