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DSG can provide your company with services, training and support that act as powerful tools for building a successful business.

Online Account Management

DSG Connect brings you all of the benefits of online ordering, but takes it to a new level with a robust account management system that can make everyone in your company’s job a little easier. Estimators and purchasers can retrieve bids, import quotes and orders, and create custom catalogs. Project managers can reduce non-billable time by using DSG Connect to easily track and organize orders, access order history and manage DSG account details. Bookkeepers can streamline their work flow by viewing statements, invoices and payment history.


Pricing Updates / DSG Connect

DSG Connect allows you to access current pricing for a product list of your choosing. Plus, you can download the pricing list locally to your computer and access it without an Internet connection.

DSG Connect

Barcode Advantage Program

Maintaining your product inventory takes time and energy. With our Barcode Advantage program, we can help to make your ordering faster and your inventory organization easier. Once we’ve assessed your needs, we customize a system of barcodes that – when used in combination with a user-friendly web app – allows you to reorder products by simply taking a photo of the barcode with your smartphone and entering a quantity that you want delivered.

Barcode Advantage Details


When people get better at their jobs, their businesses always benefit. This is why DSG has developed several proven educational events under the University of DSG brand.

P4 Learning Lab is an interactive two day seminar with one of the nation’s top experts in small business improvement.

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Power Tools Success Workshops are one day events that share useful tips and advice aimed at making teams more productive.

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Branch-specific Training: We also offer product training during events at your local DSG branch.

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Technical Support

Specialists at DSG are always ready to support your company’s success by helping you to make the most of our online resources. Inside Sales experts at DSG focus exclusively on getting you the best parts and tools for every job, even if that means tracking down emerging technology or hard-to-find products.