These DSG services can help your job sites (the people who work on them) to be more efficient, giving you a better chance to finish on time and under budget.

On-Site Trailers

Time is money, especially when you’re a contractor on a tight deadline. On-site trailers from DSG provide the parts and products you need – where you need them. No matter if you’re limited on inventory space or tired of sending productive crew members off site to get more parts, an on-site trailer from DSG can: minimize project delays, provide easy access to inventory, improve productivity and keep inventory safer.


Project Stage Ordering / DSG Connect

DSG Connect helps to facilitate the ordering and delivery of your projects in a way that reduces the product handling by your crew. We’ll ship the orders to you in stages that make sense regarding the progress of the job, minimizing excess inventory and maximizing cash flow and letting your team spend their time as efficiently as possible.