Healthcare Providers And Their Trade Industry Partners Get Stronger When They Work With DSG

Posted on April 9, 2019

It’s no surprise that managing a healthcare facility can be a complex undertaking. If you’re a contractor who frequently works in the healthcare field, you’ve likely experienced this phenomenon firsthand. Healthcare is an entirely different animal compared to other industries, with constant change to government regulations and new trends in healthcare consumerism often straining profit margins. Material and supply issues are the last thing these facilities want to worry about, and that’s where DSG can help.

DSG is no stranger to the healthcare field. In fact, we’ve worked firsthand with a large number of local and regional hospitals and the contractors who serve them. With a wide range of product categories that cover virtually all sides of the trade industry spectrum, we are able to deliver material solutions in ways that most suppliers cannot. We also provide services like lighting audits that make life easier for both contractors and the healthcare facilities they serve. Read on to learn the different ways that DSG helps those in the healthcare industry to succeed.

The DSG Approach

DSG’s focus is not only to make the jobs of hospital facilitators and contractors easier, but to make their overall operations more efficient as well. Our wide product selection allows us to provide material solutions for many needs, including everything from light bulbs to air filters and beyond. In fact, DSG’s multidisciplinary approach often leads to alternative options and solutions that others wouldn’t even think to consider. For example, how many companies would have suggested a waterworks control system to develop a  “guiding light” that improves traffic flow on a problematic system of walkways? Innovative thinking like that helps DSG to offer improvements for many areas of a healthcare facility.

Proven Results

DSG has the ability to simplify many parts of the healthcare business. Rather than just providing all of the filters needed for HVAC equipment, for instance, we can also take care of all the related logistics, including ordering, labeling and inventory assessment.

DSG provides not only materials but solutions for more complex endeavors as well. For example, DSG recently helped a healthcare provider plan out a complete lighting upgrade for a new hospital expansion. Our lighting design team worked directly with facility operations personnel to highlight the benefits and overall ROI (return on investment) that would result from upgrading more than 8,000 lighting fixtures to LED. This healthcare facility now saves almost $100,000 on their energy bill annually. These examples are just a few of the ways that DSG’s products and services have been able to benefit healthcare facilities, but the possibilities extend much further than that.

What Can DSG Do For You?

For those who serve the healthcare industry, constant assurance is crucial, and that is exactly what DSG provides: constant assurance that you will have direct access to the materials and service that you require when you need them. Whether you need maintenance supplies, materials for a large expansion, or help with planning and inventory, DSG has you covered everywhere from the parking lot to the exam room. When healthcare providers and their trade industry partners need electrical, plumbing or HVAC/R products – as well as products involving communication, waterworks and more – DSG keeps everything running smoothly. Work with DSG, and your success becomes our top priority. We accomplish more together than we ever can on our own.

If you would like to learn more about the products and services that DSG offers the healthcare industry, contact your local DSG representative.