Good Work Vs Good Looks

Posted on July 1, 2012
Tom Rosendahl
Tom Rosendahl, DSG President

There are people in the world who believe that you should be judged on your actions and nothing else. They argue that their work speaks for itself and that the “look” of their business is irrelevant. After all, if the customer is happy with the job, what difference does a dirty van or a sweaty t-shirt or a homemade business card make? It’s only the work that counts, right? You probably have some friends who think this way – maybe you even agree with them.

Unfortunately, there is a hole in this logic that you could drive your truck through: If two businesses both do a good job (and let’s be honest, there’s always more than one competent player in every market) – but one looks more professional – then customers will choose to do business with the company that “looks better.” In other words, would you rather hire someone who does good work and looks sloppy or someone who does equally good work and looks sharp?

It’s not superficial; it’s human nature! We feel better about a company that seems to take pride in itself. If their service truck is clean, that means they’ll keep my house clean. If they’re careful about how they treat my lawn, then they’ll certainly take care when they finish the installation. You may love the burgers at your favorite dive bar, but you probably don’t recommend them to your visiting in-laws. Instead, you steer them toward a different restaurant with good food and a better rating from the health department.

In the age-old argument of good work versus good looks, the answer for your business is easier than you might think: You need both to succeed.