DSG Establishes Electrical Project Quotations And Management Team

Posted on July 24, 2018
DSG’s quotations team in St. Paul includes (from left to right) John Jacobson, Chris Rutherford, Cody Waslien and Rebecca Hovsepian.

DSG has a new strategy for quoting electrical projects.

Fueled by aspirations for continual improvement, DSG established a team of quotations specialists to lead the charge in refining the company’s process for providing bids for electrical contractors.

Key quotation specialists from various DSG branches have pooled their best practices and ideas together to develop a more systematic approach to estimating electrical projects.

Mike Monson and Heather Hughes make up the quotations team in Rochester, MN.

“There wasn’t anything wrong with the way we were doing quotes; we just wanted to do it better,” says Clark Marshall, twin cities sales manager and one of the employee owners leading the way on this initiative. “With this team in place, we’ve raised the bar, and we’re confident that our customers will notice the difference.”

Headquartered for the most part in DSG branches in Fargo, ND, and St. Paul, MN, this team of ten or so quotations specialists is focused on producing comprehensive and consistent quotes, primarily for commercial and industrial electrical projects.

(From left to right) Jay Peterson and Bonny Carlson make up the quotations team at
DSG Aberdeen.

“We want our customers to know that when they receive an estimate from us, it includes everything they need to complete their project successfully,” says Marshall. “We consider everything from electrical codes to labor-saving items in an effort to provide all the information they need up front. The result is less uncertainty and fewer delays, ultimately saving them time and money.”

In addition, DSG is complementing its quotations specialists with a team of electrical project managers.

The Fargo quotations department team includes (from left to right) Skip Haugland, Mike Grossman, Jordan Seiler, Dave Mortenson and Chad Baumgartner (not pictured).

After a project is awarded to DSG, a project manager will work to see the order through to the end, proactively scheduling deliveries and providing progress updates.

To learn more, speak to your local DSG representative.