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After Hours Experts

Picture this: you’re on the jobsite, working hard. Finally, you’re satisfied you have made enough progress today. You stand up, dust off your knees, and then glance at the clock. You’re shocked that it’s already 6:15 PM.  With a sinking feeling, you realize you didn’t have time to call your supplier to place an order for the materials you need for tomorrow’s work. You could place an order online, but you’re not really sure what exact materials you need, and you have a few questions before you can make the final decision. You could make an extra trip to the store, but the sales staff there may not be able to answer your questions either. Don’t sweat it! Now, you have until 11:00 PM, Monday through Friday, to call DSG’s After Hours Experts at 844-DSG-NITE (844-374-6483).

DSG’s After Hours Experts can help you:

  • Find the right product for the job when you’re just not completely sure which one to use
  • Place an order and schedule a delivery
  • Get answers to account-related questions

This isn’t your typical after-hours answering service. When you call DSG’s After Hours Experts, you’ll be talking with one of our professionally trained product support experts. They can help you find the information you need today so you don’t have to scramble tomorrow.

Contractor calling in to After Hours Experts with his younger daughter at homeWith one quick and easy call, you’ll get everything you need taken care of so you can get the job done…whether it’s help selecting a product, placing an order, or answering a question about a recent invoice or statement.

It’s a remarkably simple concept: convenient, expert help…when you need it. 

Why DSG After Hours Experts?

We know you’re busy—running your business and doing the work. That’s why we have the DSG After Hours Experts: because we know you’re often still working when your other suppliers have closed for the day.

  • No more late afternoon scrambling to place your order before 5:00.
  • No more evening trips to the store for a last-minute purchase (and no more unhelpful salespeople!)
  • No more after-5:00 PM voice recordings or answering services that can only tell you who to call tomorrow.
  • No more returns because you guessed wrong when placing an online order.

Just call Dakota Supply Group at 844-DSG-NITE (844-374-6483) to talk with one of our product support experts; now available until 11:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

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