Close-Out Packages Leave A Lasting Impression

Posted on August 22, 2017

Written by small-business expert and author Michael Stone

As you’re walking out the door on a finished project, you want your clients to remember you as the company that went the extra step for them.

Here is an idea that has been around a long time, and our friend Mike Jeffries talks about it during his class. Offer a “close out” package for your jobs. Some thoughts on what might be included:

1) A small album of before, during and after pictures of their job. It doesn’t have to be big, but it gives the owner a memory of what’s been done, and it gives them something to show off. You’ll want to print your company name on each page in a classy manner.

2) A list of all new items installed, such as appliances, lighting, plumbing fixtures and brass, electrical equipment, windows and doors, etc. List the item, the room it’s in, the manufacturer, make, model and serial number if it applies. There should also be instructions on what the owner is to do if they find a problem with any part of the installation. If the item came with a manual, package and label those manuals in an easy-to-store manner.

3) A list of all paint colors used and where. Include a color chip, labeled with the room and the color specifications, preferably at least 4-5″ square. Don’t forget instructions on how to clean the surface.

4) A list of floor coverings installed in each room. Again, include a sample piece of each floor covering, and details about how to take care of it.

Those ideas should get you started – take it from there.

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Michael Stone

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Michael Stone

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